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    More than 20 scenarios

    Challenge yourself and solve situations using the VHF equipment, you will receive and hear audio messages, you will have to send messages using digital selective calling, and set up your VHF device

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    Enjoy the most completeĀ app in the market

    Enjoy the most complete app in the market with a high-quality illustrated content , a quiz to challenge your knowledge, and an immersive 3D simulation

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    Test your knowledge

    Challenge yourself in the trivia and test your knowledge with more than 200 questions.

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    You will use a fully simulated VHF radio

    We bring our experience from Vox Maris to recreate a fully simulated VHF, where you will not be able to distinguish it from a real one

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    Incredible artwork!

    We have included high-quality illustrations in theĀ self-learning guide.

Frequently asked questions

for which devices is available the app?

VHF Trainer is available for Android, IOS (Ipad), Windows 10, and Mac OS

Where I can download VHF Trainer?

You can download any of the stores according to the platform of your choice.

Once the purchased the app, is there any additional cost for update?

No, no additional costs or purchases within the application. Once purchased, you will have full access to all functions of the application.

What languages is the application available?

In English and Spanish. We are also working in translating to other languages.

Do I need to have knowledge about the VHF to use the app?

No, when using the app you will learn everything about the use of a marine VHF equipment. You will also learn how to deal with risk situations, how to communicate and what procedures should be followed. All in a safe and controlled environment, with an immersive 3D experience

What kind of content can be found in VHF Trainer?

You can find information about what is the Global System for Maritime Distress and Safety, regulation, necessary equipment, procedures and use of the VHF radio. Through the trivia you can test your knowledge, then you can live situations in more than 20 scenarios proposed in the simulation where you must use VHF equipment to follow procedures in emergency situations.

Is there additional material to continue learning?

You can purchase the e-book with content on marine VHF communications and the GMDSS on Amazon.